1. Sorry for the hiatus!

    Here’s something I’m working on. The finished Pyro set will be posted in the next two weeks.

    I’ll update with more stuff soon - hopefully. C:

  2. Festive!



  3. Anonymous asked: hi i wanna ask, on livestream how do i set the audio so it will only record the musics i play on my pc?


    If you’re using the livestream for Producers program:

    Go to Preferences > Audio > Open Audio Mixer > Change to Speaker Audio

    I hope that helps!

    Let me know if you have any other questions. : )

  4. Cool weather.

    From the livestream. : )


  5. Livestreaming now. : )

  6. I’m just a Homewrecker. <3

  7. Happy Halloween!

  8. Thank you to heyitsmawaru! Your message brightened my day. <3


  9. puddyrama asked: Your art is really gorgeous, I'm glad I found your Tumblr. Also, Pyro & Medic FTW! Keep up with the awesome job :3

    Thank you very much!!! Please accept these flowers as a symbol of my appreciation of your support!

  10. addiction